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This website is designed to provide you with all of the information you need to know about Landscape Design, additional information in Our Blog: History of Landscape Design , Landscape Design Styles and All About Landscape Design and to determine if Landscape Design and Site Planning Inc. is the right choice for you.
home-finalThe landscape services of Landscape Design and Site Planning Inc. include both the revival and improvement of empty and desert sites and new designs for existing gardens. Landscape work will radically improve your site. The harmonic and exquisite landscape design is a mixture of the joint effort of the customer, their idea about the ideal garden and landscape specialists, who possess all of the necessary knowledge and experience. Any landscape work requires special knowledge in several fields such as agriculture, floriculture, horticulture, architecture, construction and a lot of practical experience; therefore landscape work is usually carried out by professionals. Landscape work also requires a creative approach as well as a sense of beauty and balance.
Do you want landscape design or landscape construction done for your site? Landscape Design and Site Planning Inc. is always ready to help you. Our company offers many different types of landscape work necessary in order to convert your site into the garden of your dreams. This frees our clients from the need to search for the different types of contractors that are needed for completing different types of landscape work and it positively affects the quality of the work and shortens the time it will take to complete it. We can do all of these different types of landscape work together to make this process easier for you.
Landscape Design:
We can help to make your outdoor space beautiful and eco-friendly. We create for homeowners, builders, architects and landscape contractors a full set of landscape construction documents at a reasonable price. Our Landscape Design services include everything you need to build your project and come with a unique Photo Panorama of your property and an Exclusive Virtual Tour, so you can see what it will look like before the project starts.
You can enjoy professional service and expertise from the convenience of your home with our professional service Online Landscape Design. You can order this service any time and from anywhere, for any site size. No appointment, consultation or estimate is required. New computer technology gives you a fabulous opportunity to see your colourfully designed space in an Exclusive Virtual Tour in Flash format for properties more than 225 m² and in a Photo Panorama for properties less than 225 m².You will receive all of the personalized design drawings online and can do the work yourself or let us to do the design and construction work for you.
We have created many wonderful online landscape designs for clients. In addition, the costs for our online landscape design service is less expensive since there is no travel time involved. This is fixed work at a fixed price. All payment can be made by credit card using PayPal - the industry-leading security and fraud prevention system, that will protect your financial information.
Landscape Construction:
Landscape Design and Site Planning Inc. currently works in Toronto, Canada and in the GTA specifically. Our services include the following: natural stone, interlocking, retaining walls and stairs, fencing, water features, irrigation, drainage and drain systems, landscape lighting, small landscape structures, planting and lawns. We offer the most modern landscape construction technology and high-quality materials to canadians in the implementation of any Landscape Construction.
But recently more and more people are becoming concerned about energy consumption, the quality of the air and water, health of their home and the environment. We will help you improve your outdoor space using Eco-Friendly Construction, which will save your money and help enhance the environment around your home!